Streamline your Sales Process Integrating Gmail with Suite CRM & Vtiger CRM

The work-life of every sales and support person is rotating around emails and with a huge count of emails bumping in, half the day is spent inside their inbox. But with the potential prospects in hand, most of them fall through cracks as they are not properly streamlined with the CRM.

Wouldn’t be more helpful if you could connect both Email and CRM? And for many professionals, Gmail is the email provider of their choice. So we thought to streamline the sales process from within Gmail inbox and brought to you Gmail Add-on for Suite CRM and Gmail Add-on for Vtiger CRM.

Gmail Add-ons

Turn your recipients into Leads

Capture everything that matters in your Gmail into your SuiteCRM or Vtiger CRM. All the recipients in an email thread can be synced as Lead or Contact based on your choice. Safe, secure data transfer always keeps your information protected and private.


Stay organized wherever you are

Plan, keep records and get to know your sales progress information either from Gmail or your SuiteCRM or Vtiger CRM. The complete history of your prospect or contact can help you shoot up more personalized emails with all required details at your fingertips.


At home, at a cafe, and everywhere

Use your Android mobile device to save or get detailed information from anywhere - Prospects, Contacts, Projects, Opportunities and tickets. Search through all recipients in Gmail and turn those potential prospects into SuiteCRM or Vtiger CRM as Leads instantly. Stay in sync from any Android device, no matter where you are - you can even access all the relevant information of email recipients.


Install the addons now and enjoy its useful features for Gmail.

Please leave your comment about the Gmail add-on for Vtiger CRM and Gmail add-on for Suite CRM in the below comment section. If you need any help, you can email us at

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