Quickbooks Integration For ZohoCRM

Zoho CRM QuickBooks Integration

Product version 1.0

Integrate Zoho CRM with QuickBooks online and discover a measurable increase in convenience, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Bidirectionally sync Contacts, Invoices, Products, Quotes and Sales Orders.
  • Instantly sync data as you save and sync older records from Zoho CRM to QuickBooks.
  • Send only records of your choice from Zoho CRM to QuickBooks.
  • Scheduler to automatically sync records at a defined frequency from QB to Zoho CRM.
  • Simple mapping with drag and drop to relate fields.
  • Detailed log to track sync and enables resync if it is failed.

Integrate your Zoho CRM with QuickBooks

Getting Connected

Get Connected

Connect your Zoho CRM and QuickBooks online account to securely sync.

Accurate Sync

With intuitive mapping, the fields in Zoho CRM are related to the exact fields in QuickBooks

Record Tracking
Record Tracking

View the entire history of both successful and failure sync. With log, easily locate the data to resync.

Configure Zoho CRM with QuickBooks

Connect Zoho CRM with Quickbooks Integration For ZohoCRM and add the necessary details that pops up


Map the Fields

Do Field Mapping. Preferred Mappings are Zoho to QB and QB to Zoho





Options to use Synchronization are: sync particular record,on-save,  historical sync. sync via cron.




Efficient Record Keeping
  • Eliminate dual entry of data by linking Contacts, Invoices, Products, Quotes and Sales Orders.
  • Relate the fields in each module to sync the data in the exact location.
  • Instantly as you save records in Zoho CRM, the records get synced to QuickBooks Online.
  • Maintain up to date customer info in Zoho CRM and QuickBooks.
Accelerate Financial Efficiency
  • Empower your sales process with the right Invoices, Sales Orders, and Contacts info.
  • Send only selected data from Zoho CRM to QuickBooks. Zoho CRM Integration for QuickBooks has complete flexibility with the record that need to be transferred.
Time-saving Data Transfer
  • Save time with fast and secure sync. Avoid dual manual entries and maintain data consistency.
  • Perform sync in the background at non-peak hours and be more productive. Setup sync frequency to send data from QB to Zoho.
  • With the scheduler easily resync data failed due to network barrier and keep both applications updated in no time.


Get rid of the manual entries with Zoho CRM QuickBooks Integration.

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