Mailchimp Extension for Zoho CRM

Mailchimp Extension for Zoho CRM

Product version 1.0

Integrate Zoho CRM with Mailchimp to automate your Email Marketing.

  • Bidirectionally sync Campaigns, Mailchimp Audience List and its related Contacts, Leads, & Accounts.
  • Instantly sync all records, selected records, or existing records from Zoho CRM to Mailchimp integration.
  • Scheduler to sync your records from Mailchimp to Zoho CRM automatically for every five minutes.
  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe a particular List in Mailchimp directly from your Zoho CRM.
  • Detailed log to track all your record history.

Integrate your Zoho CRM with Mailchimp


Get Connected

Connect your Zoho CRM and Mailchimp account to sync records in a secured way.

Accurate Mapping

Zoho CRM fields are mapped to the exact fields in Mailchimp via seamless mapping.

Record Tracking

View the full history of both successful and unsuccessful synchronizations. Use the log to find the data that needs to be synced.


Maintaining accurate records
  • Synchronize the fields in each module exactly where they belong.
  • Records are automatically synced to Mailchimp instantly or in a scheduled manner after they are saved in Zoho CRM.
  • Eliminate dual entry of data by linking contacts, leads, and accounts.
Improve flexibility
  • Zoho CRM can be used to send only selected data to Mailchimp. The integration of Zoho CRM with Mailchimp offers complete flexibility in the records that need to be transferred.
Save time with data transfer
  • Sync quickly and securely to save time. Maintain consistency and avoid redundant data entry.
  • Synchronize Mailchimp and Zoho data on a regular basis. Also, use sync in the background in non-peak hours to improve productivity.
  • A scheduler makes it easy to resynchronize the lost data and keep both applications up to date.


Integrate Zoho CRM with Mailchimp and eliminate manual entries.

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