Gmail Add-on for Vtiger CRM

Gmail Add-on for Vtiger CRM

Product version 1.0

Get the accurate and crucial data of email contacts from Vtiger CRM inside your Gmail with the stuck in Gmail Add-on for Vtiger CRM. It lets your sales and support team be more productive without juggling between Vtiger CRM and Gmail. New email contact instantly gets converted as your Vtiger CRM Lead or Contact right from your Gmail in just one click.

  • Lists all contacts involved in an email conversation.
  • Allows creating new Contacts/ Leads directly in Vtiger CRM.
  • Easy to edit/update the existing Contact or Lead information.
  • Brings out all the relevant data in Vtiger CRM related to the chosen email.
  • Supported in the Gmail app (Android).


Grab more Leads & Contacts
  • Selecting an email message will list out all the related contacts in the conversation
  • Add new email contact from any email thread as your Vtiger CRM Leads or Contacts in a single click
  • All mandatory fields of Leads and Contacts modules placed at the top, improves your usability
Track & manage Vtiger CRM inside Gmail
  • Easily analyze and verify Vtiger CRM information.
  • Gain all info about email contact by viewing the modules related to the chosen email.
  • All crucial record information can be viewed in detail.
Avoid Juggle between Vtiger CRM and Gmail
  • No need to switch between Vtiger CRM and Gmail to hunt for information
  • Get all information about the email contact inside Gmail
  • Easily make changes in Contacts and Leads details in Vtiger CRM from Gmail

Connect with Vtiger CRM

At first authorize the Gmail Add-on for Vtiger CRM. There it directs to Vtiger page. Press ‘Connect Vtiger’ to continue.


Choose the Module

Choose the module. That is Leads or Contacts


Display the Records

Can view the detailed records of Leads or Contacts.



Have a crucial data from Vtiger Gmail Add-on. Instant conversion of new email contact.

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