Zoho CRM QuickBooks Integration- Introduction

Integrating your Zoho CRM and QuickBooks online helps you to maintain Customers and inventory modules data up to date. The Zoho QuickBooks Bi-Sync lets your salesman free from dual manual entries. This also delivers to improve customer experience. You can sync Contacts, Products, Quotes, Invoices, and Sales Order modules’ records bidirectionally in different methods.

Connect Zoho CRM and QuickBooks account

Initially, install the Zoho QuickBooks Bi-Sync extension from Zoho Marketplace. After you installed it, the module 'Zoho QB Bi-Sync' available in your Zoho CRM. You can find it by selecting the three horizontal dots at the top screen of Zoho CRM.

  • Click on the module.

  • It prompts you to login or register as a new user with your email.

  • As you are a new user of the extension, provide your name, email and create a new password for the extension.

It directs you to the new page. Here you'll see 'Connect to QuickBooks' and 'Connect to Zoho' buttons.


Connect with QuickBooks

To connect your QuickBooks account,

  • Select the Connect to QuickBooks. It'll open a new window.

  • Here provide your QuickBooks credentials.

  • Then select Connect to connect with your QuickBooks.

Connect your Zoho CRM

To connect with your Zoho CRM account,

  • Select the Connect to Zoho button.

  • It pops up a new window. Here select Accept to allow 'Zoho QuickBooks Bi-Sync’ to access your data to synchronize.