After installing the addon, configure it by following the steps.

Authorizing Gmail account

  • Select the addon and it prompts to open an email in the inbox.
  • Click one email message, now the addon automatically starts loading.

  • Then click the Authorize access inside the addon. It opens a 'Sign in' window.
  • Choose an email (if it displays multiple emails).

  • Select the Allow button to connect that Gmail account with the addon.
  • Register your Gmail account in the addon providing your name, and create new password to access the addon.

  • You can use the same username and password to log in to the addon.

Connecting with SuiteCRM

  • You'll be directed to 'Connect your Suite' page.

  • In the 'Connect your Suite' page, provide the URL of your SuiteCRM. Note the Url should be publicly accessible. Click Next.

  • Click the Connect Suite button to connect your SuiteCRM.
  • When connecting with SuiteCRM, you may get either of these two results based on the GraphQL test run.

    1. It'll show an alert pop up that tells to install the GraphQL module in SuiteCRM.

    2. If you already installed the module in your SuiteCRM, you'll be taken to configure your SuiteCRM.
  • Enter your SuiteCRM username and password and then click on the Authorize.

The addon is now activated.

How to work with the addon

To start working, select the addon in your Gmail sidebar.


The addon always displays an 'open an email' message if you don't open any email.

Create Lead/Contact inside Gmail

  • Select an email from your inbox, the add-on fetches all the details related to the chosen email contact if it already presents inside SuiteCRM.

  • Otherwise, it'll display all the contacts that take part in the conversation.

  • Choose an email from the list and select the module type. You can create Contact and Lead directly from this addon.
  • If you select module type, click on Create New button.

  • Fill all the fields and save it.

  • Refresh the addon to see the created record.

Detailed view of records

  • To view the email contact record in a detailed view, select the record to display all the info in detail.

  • You can edit and update Contacts and Leads module records in the detailed view using the Edit option.